Rebekah’s House was birthed in the heart of Pastor June James. She wanted to build a place where women can come and find help, an emotional and spiritual refuge from abuse. she discovered that abuse comes in many ways for women. There is emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse. Pastor June is a graduate of the West Indies School of Theology, a full accredited training seminary for those who heard the call of god upon their lives. She has served under some effective leaders such as Pastor Richards and his wife Rohani in Carapo Village located 5 miles south of the Borough of Arima. Pastor June is passionate about helping women find hope and deliverance. Pastor June has three children, and 3 grand children.She makes her home in Roxborough Village in Tobago.
Pastor Mark Hernandez is the founder of New Agape Ministries which provides covering and support for Rebekah’s House. New Agape Ministries is headquartered in the beautiful cit of Tampa. Pastor Mark is a graduate of Nyack Missionary College in Nyack New York, and holds an MBA from Walden University located in Minnesota Minneapolis. He resides in Tampa florida with his wife Dr. Beverly Hernandez and 2 children.