REBEKAH’S HOUSE is a ministry founded by New Agape Ministries International raised on the vision of Pastor June James. Pastor James is no stranger to struggle and she is intimately acquainted with the struggles of Caribbean women in general and women of Trinidad and Tobago in particular. Rebekah’s House is located in Roxborough Tobago. Tobago is the smaller of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Rebekah’s House is located in the village of Roxborough, a vibrant place of friendly people, cultural diversity and a rich Caribbean heritage.

Rebekah’s House mission is to minister healing and hope to battered women and at risk children.This is becoming a diabolic trend in the Trinidad and tobago. Rebekah’s House is led by Pastor June James, a competent and passionate leader and a graduate of the West Indies School of Theology. Pastor June is an indefatigable advocate for women and counsels women round the clock at the ministry’s church location in Roxborough.

Rebekah’s House is located:
Roxborough Main Road
Roxborough, Trinidad & Tobago