For much too long people have been going to church broken, depressed, bound, sick, addicted, in sin and leave the sanctuary of deliverance the same way they came. This ought not to be so.

We have to ask the question that is like an elephant in the room… Why? Is it because there is no Balm in Gilead as the elders of old have asked? Is it because we lack understanding as Solomon so wisely put it? Or is it because the days of miracles are over as the cessationists purport.

Well, it would certainly seem like the latter. Because of the lack of faith, church people who stopped expecting the miraculous and we have simply driven the Holy Spirit away with our unbelief and lack of purity. There were times in Jesus ministry when He visited places and He simply could do no great miracles there simply because of unbelief. could it be that this is what is happening in the world at large.
Fortunately, that is not the case. Jesus is alive and miracles are still happening! People are still being healed, GoD is still working miracles all over the world and Jesus is still on the throne.

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